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  1. Line6Drew, I do believe you are right, but the closest service center is a 2 hour drive away. I'll have to check locally to see if someone can look at it.
  2. Hi Napynap, thanks for your reply. Yes the master volume did work before. Now all i get is static , and a fluctuating volume, and not the normal fluctuating issues everyone else has. It does do it on all patches, as well, I have tried without the volume pedal, and the amp is either putting out static, or if I play with the master volume It will stop for a bit and I get very bad fluctuation in volume from full blast to nothing at all, and it doesn't matter where the knob is pointed to, even when I have the volume knob turned all the way down. It seems to me to be that the pot had gone bad. I have heard that it may just need cleaning too. I have experience in electronic and soldering, but its been a long time, and i don't have the proper tools anymore. So changing out the pot wouldn't be too challenging for me.
  3. I have seen other topics with volume issues on the forums but couldn't find anyone with the same issue. I'm not sure if it is the master volume pot or something else. The Master Volume Pot does not control volume. When I turn the master volume pot though it pops and can affect the tone. The only way I can control the volume is via fbv express volume pedal, but sometimes the amp just jumps to full blast all of a sudden, ignoring the pedal all together. I have had the tubes replaced as well, just to make sure it wasn't just the tubes, but i still have the same problem. Any ideas if its just the master volume pot?
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