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  1. Thanks, Triryche (btw, Queensryche fan?)..... Sorry if i didn't explain my setup clearly as I am aware that the iPad has no USB. I was under the impression that the "now functional" USB (Type B?) connector on the back of the FX100 can be used as an audio output to a DAW. What i can't seem to find an answer for is what cable or combination of cables would I need to connect out of the FX100's USB port into my iPad (Lightning) input to have GB or Cubasis recognize it as an inter-app audio device. Again, I can do this if i go from my guitar into my Sonic Port and out to the iPad. Then GB or Cubasis "sees" the Mobile POD input. Hope this clarifies my quandry.......
  2. Hey, all, As the title says, I'm wanting to record in Garageband or Cubasis on my iPad Air. Currently, I can lay down some guitar in either app by going thru my Sonic Port or Sonic Port VX into the iPad via the inter-app audio, choosing Mobile POD as my input. But after talking to Line 6 support, the tones I've generated/saved in my Amplifi Remote app are not compatible or transferable to the Mobile POD app/tones. They said I would have to recreate the tones in Mobile POD (not desirable lol). So I read that in one of the last releases that the FX100 can now "audio out" via USB for recording, but have yet to figure out what cable (if there is a single cable available) or combination of cables and hardware do I need to get this to work. If it would help, I have an Alto 8 Ch. mixer available to use. As usual, any/all help from the "experts" on this forum is greatly appreciated. Rich
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