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  1. Please note that I'm talking of the Amplifi FX100 (the pedal board) and not the 150 and 75 guitar amp line that has at least some use even if you don't have an ipad... (a guitar amp, a bluetooth enabled speaker) @Triryche, Have a look at all multi-effects those days. They all act as an audio interface through USB port. In that respect I don't see what you mean by the "USB" could be many things... I mean unless the product targets people from Venus, it should certainly offer audio interface features at the very least ... That's what I call unfinished... @fexo45 Android suffers from audio latency and is not suitable for music/audio intensive apps ... But that's not really a concern for the amplifi which application is basically a remote command application... it just send commands over bluetooth... As far as the FX100 is concerned, I can't see how a multi-effect pedal board that is not capable of acting as an audio interface and that needs an IPAD (or an Iphone) to work is amazing for the price range...Could be amazing eventually but not for the price range...
  2. Do you mean the USB has no use ... I had made the assumption the FX100 could be used as an audio interface through USB (like nearly 100% multi-effects those days)... After double-checking that sounds like USB is indeed not used at the moment which is a real show stopper for a modern multi-effect board if you ask me. Dealing with music library on Android is quite easy. You just hat to put your ripped CD in the music folder. On one hand, it may be already too difficult for some but on the other hand it's quite flexible ... I personally don't want to sync my audio library using itunes ... I have ripped my hundreds of CD (that says something on my age :)) on a NAS and from there I can just copy/sync all or some on any android device... And frankly, "the tone matching" feature could be available on IOS only ... The more I look into it and the more it (more specifically the fx100) sounds like an unfinished product unless you would like to think of it as an apple product: - no audio interface feature - Device is nearly not usable (I'm talking of the fx100 here) without an Apple device .... - it sounds like in a way or another you are forced to go through your music library even when you just want to create a patch ... basically things seem to have been built around the tone matching feature... Is there really a market for people that think that the tone matching feature is the most important feature? I doubt so but who knows ...
  3. @guru: Not sure to understand what's your point ... Why not a windows and/or osx app then? It's not like I did not mention this fact. Now to your specific arguments: the app just need to let the android user specify the library root folder. If a music player can access music library on Android, there's no reason another app could not... in any cases, the feature that makes it possible to find an effect configuration based on a specific tune is not completely essential. It could be a "plus" feature available on IOS only. The gazzilion hardware and os configuration does not make sense. As said before, we are merely just talking of an editor application that sends commands to some hardware over bluetooth. A GUI and the ability to send data over bluetooth is all what is needed. Moreover, line 6 could just limit the compatibility to a minimum version of Android (jelly beans and later ) the same way they are doing with IOS... PS: as you have certainly noticed, I'm not a native English speaker. Keep in mind while reading that I may not always express properly what I mean ... thanks
  4. As far as I know (but I may be wrong) any bluetooth capable device can stream music to the amplifi ... even an Android one ;) ... so that's certainly not a concern... Obviously, there is no such thing as the itune audio library on android. It is however certainly possible to configure the line 6 app to point to the root folder containing the music.
  5. @TheRealZap, When you have a product that can't be used (properly or fully or whatever you would like to qualify it) without the remote software that is available on IOS only (I mean not even on Windows or OSX), I can't imagine it not to be a deliberate (and hopefully thoroughly though) decision... Now Line 6 has the right to release some gear that needs an IOS device to work properly if that's what they want even if that sounds crazy to me ... On the other hand, one could criticize them for not clarifying their position on that matter (unless I missed something) ... Is that so difficult to provide some information on their intention ? They can just say we have no intention to develop a "remote editor" for any other OS OR that they may think of it at a later time OR whatever. Honestly, I have difficulties in handling those "corporate" ways of never answering legitimate questions ... It's not like they are asked to provide their "signature" ... The android audio latency doesn't matter at all for this kind of application ... An Android app can perfectly exchange data over bluetooth... In any cases, as said earlier, it's certainly not a matter of Android because they could have made an app on windows ... if not android. And as a developer, I can't see any technical reason for not having a cross platform app except maybe for the itune specific stuff ... which they may think is the main selling point - who knows.. That said I don't want to sound like I am angry. I'm just debating ... expressing my views and, of course, would accept to be corrected...
  6. The fact only an IOS application is available is certainly just marketing stuff - maybe even some agreement/contract with Apple... It is well known that Android is not on par with IOS regarding latency and that explains why all sophisticated app are available on IOS and not android. But we are talking of a "simple Editor" here ... this is just a simple remote app that basically sends commands to the hardware... The signal processing/modeling does not take place on the IPAD. Therefore, there aren't any technical reasons that would prevent to have the same app on Android... Moreover, it's not like there were no solution for developing cross platform tools (IOS, Android, MAC, Windows) ... just have a look at Xamarin dev tools. I don't mean that IOS is not a great platform but purchasing an ipad and dealing with the apple ecosystem/config/passwords/updates and all that jazz when you already have windows 8.1 and Android devices is cumbersome and adds up to the initial price... Things get even worst with the amplifi fx100. Say you would like to use it as an usb audio interface (which makes sense), you would still need a separate ipad instead of using your connected computer... Frankly, except for the buzz or because of some special agreement with Apple, this limitation does not make sense...
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