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  1. So I do have an M-Audio Fasttrack Pro. This has MIDI ins/outs and connects to the PC via USB. Could I plug the PODxt into the MIDI port, and then connect it to my laptop's USB port to update the firmware? Or do I have to buy the MIDI to USB thingie?
  2. Ugh.. yeah it says POX XT Version 1.01. And I don't have a MIDI cable. So that means no patches for me? That's really lame. So why would this thing be made with a USB port, but the out of the box firmware doesn't support USB?
  3. Hi all. I recently bought a used PODxt. It works fine, and I've been enjoying playing with it. I found some tones on CustomTone that I wanted to try out, so I downloaded and installed Monkey on my Windows 7 laptop. I registered my product, updated to the latest drivers, updated the PODxt to the latest firmware, and installed Gearbox. I then ran Gearbox and loaded up the l6t file. It appears to have detected the PODxt just fine, because when I load Gearbox and open up the Tonelocker, it shows the PODxt in the bottom right corner. If I load up Gearbox without the PODxt turned on, it will tell me it can't find any devices, so this tells me that part is working. So, the problem is that Gearbox doesn't seem to be able to read from the PODxt. In the lower right corner it says PODxt, Memory > All, and underneath that it says (Unavailable). If I hit the Refresh button it says "Updating..." and in the middle where it says Transfers it says "Getting Tone Names... 0%". Then after a few seconds, it just goes back to saying (Unavailable). The four buttons to transfer files to and from the device are greyed out and I can't copy anything. Also, in the bottom right corner, it shows an icon of the PODxt with a yellow question mark over it. If I hover over it it says "This icon shows the status of the USB connection to your hardware." That question mark tells me something is wrong. I've attached a couple screenshots. Any ideas? Thanks for the help!
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