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  1. Question One I have a Mesa 2x12 cabinet (theres only one input and i think it says 8 ohms. Im not sure if its 120w or 140w i thought it was 120 until i saw the back of the cab and it says 140w to CEL30's or something?) View image: IMG 7748 and I'm wondering if it would be safe (no danger of damaging the amp or cab) to run a Line 6 Spider IV HD150 through it. View image: IMG 7744 I would really appreciate an answer for this question especially. I'm going to be using this setup just to record with a mic in my room and practice mixing tracks and such. Question Two I have an ESP LTD SC 7 string, and I'm wondering what you guys would say the best passive pickups are for metal on a 7 string guitar. I have EMG actives in my Shecter hell raiser 6 string that I really like but I wanna try sticking with passive pickups in my 7 String. Thankyou guys I really hope I can get some answers.
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