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  1. The RJ45 cable comes out of the guitar and plugs in to one of 2 dongles. There is the small black one, which has a small USB cable attached to it a larger translucent one If you have the translucent adapter, then you need the USB A-to-B to go from the adapter to the computer. If you have the small black adapter, then the cable is extra. It probably was put into the box because they don't seem to always use one or the other. Chances are that trying to figure out which adapter is in the box to see if they need the extra USB cable would cost more than the cable does, so they just put it in all the boxes.
  2. Sadly, no. The USB cable is an A-to-B cable (like you use for printers).
  3. In case anyone is still looking at this: I received my interface today, and it looks like the one Stevec posted above--the larger, clear plastic one. This also answers the question, "What is the USB cable for?"
  4. What is the JTV-69 set up for and using when it ships? 10s?
  5. I think it looks like this: http://line6.com/media/ips/uploads//monthly_12_2013/post-1791374-0-03215900-1386556717.jpg
  6. I have a Pod 2.0, but it's not clear if that works with the JTV (as an interface) or not.
  7. I think I saw a picture of that in one of the other posts, but I didn't get it either. I talked to Line 6 and the guy seemed perturbed (whether at me or at AMS, I couldn't tell) but I provided my receipt and they are sending me one. Thanks!
  8. So I received a my JTV69 today. It included an A-to-B USB cable, a VDI cable, the wrenches, the manuals (which is another issue), the battery and the charger (and the guitar, of course :) ). So how am I supposed to connect the guitar to the computer?? I can't find any USB port on the guitar, and the only interface item I can find for sale from Line 6 is a $100 item. I have to say that I'll be more than a little pissed if I have to spend another $100 to use the features they sold it with. At the very least, that should be mentioned somewhere on the guitar's page where they spend so much time discussing the software. At any rate, do I need something else? If so, where can I get one? Is that $100 workbench HD thing the only option? I have a Pod 2.0, but wasn't sure if that would work. Thanks for any help you can give me.
  9. Wait---that doohickey was supposed to be included with my guitar? I have the VDI cable, the USB cable, the wrenches, the battery, the charger and 2 extra plug adapters (for foreign power outlets) but I don't have any way to connect my guitar to my computer. EDIT: Never mind--solved the problem elsewhere :)
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