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  1. So how do I specify the bank? What I want to do is select bank whatever from the app, then shut down the app and just play that bank with the amp standalone, or use the pedal to move between the A-D presets in that bank.
  2. So, there's no way to set bank 10 for example in the app as the default. Even without an FBV express, this would allow you to use that bank without the app and switch between those four presets. Otherwise I have to overwrite bank 1 with what I want to use each time. I thought the presets were programmed into the amp. If I can't get to them without the app, what's the point? Unless it is to get me to buy a short board.
  3. I have the new firmware with all the presets. They show on the app. Is there any way to switch banks using the FBV Express pedal? If not, is there at least a way to make a specific bank the default via the app, so that I can at least use those four presets via the pedal without the app?
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