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  1. I was curious about using my variax with other gear, and not having the the hd500 in the signal chain, but only using it to change guitar patches via the variax cable. Im wondering if this will work. In particular Im wondering if the guitars sound through the regular guitar output actually changes when changing patches via the variax cable from the hd500, or if the guitar only changes sounds for the the variax cable connection. I've seen videos where someone gets two sounds at once by using the variax cable connection for an acoustic sound and the standard guitar connection for the electric sound, which leads me to beleive that patch changes made via the variax cable may not be heard on the guitar output. Please let me know if you have experience with this. Thank you
  2. Hello, I have been running an HD500x going directly into powered studio monitors (krk rokit 5's) via the headphone out. I recently purchased a Dt25 and plugged my main guitar directly into it not using the hd500x at all, thinking that I might be gaining some kind of tube tone that had been lacking in my previously mentioned setup. My initial impression after the first night is one of disappointment at the dt25 in comparison to the hd500x plugged directly into my studio monitors. I found the speaker to be very directional. I pretty much had to have the amp elevated and be standing right in front of it, and then had to move out of that sweet spot to reach the knobs on top and make any kind of adjustment. Also my wife who was upstairs said that I was playing much louder than usual (usual being going into the studio monitor speakers), while I felt that I wasn't loud enough to get a good tone. I have seen alot of rave reviews of the dt amps from people who are accustomed to traditional amps and plug a dt50 into a big marshall cabinet. I haven't seen alot of feedback from people who are going from direct hd500 to dt25 and am curious as to what people think. A little bit about my situation. I pretty much just play in a home studio and record as a solo project and have no real need to be on stage any time in the foreseeable future. I own a jtv59 and got the dt25 to complete the "dream rig" but am now wondering if the jtv59 and hd500x may be all I need going direct into pa or studio monitor speakers at home. Also does anyone know if the headphone out on the hd500x is still operational with the l6 cable connected? It occurs to me that I might get a bigger sound using the dt25 connected by l6 at the same time as hd500 into the monitor speakers. I would appreciate any feedback from people who have tried both the dt amps and the hd pods into speakers.
  3. I own an hd500x that I have not yet connected to my computer, and recently purchased a variax 300 on ebay. I have seen posts saying that workbench is not compatible with the 500x but these were old forum posts and I was wondering if there was a current version that was compatible? Will workbench work with the variax 300 through the hd500x? In short, what software version should I be using with my hd500x and variax 300?
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