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  1. Thank you verry much. That was the solution. Sorry for the late response, Greetings from Holland
  2. Hello. I am Jan from Holland. For the first time i try to play guitar with a backingtrack via the amplifi FX100. connected with bluetooht. I can see the baingtrack is playing but hear nothing. I have the output levels for guitar on 70 and overall on 75. (?) On my amp, i can hear just a verry verry soft sound. ( from the backing track) The guitar sound is good. Please help.
  3. How do I set the default master volume on the FX100? The volume is now very soft when I turn it on. He does not hold the set volume. greetings, Jan
  4. Hi, I have recently become a POD2 What setting should I adjust to hold a note longer, I mean not really an echo. But to hear the tone longer. gr, Jan
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