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  1. I have a POD 2.0 I got from CL, and I am trying to set it up to use as a live backup so I can stop carrying a 2nd amp around. I have it running through a pair of Tannoy Reveal 501 desktop monitors. It sounds great, but I'm having trouble dialing things in as I need to. The problem is, if I get the POD dialed in well for 1 guitar, I have trouble if I switch guitars. I suppose a simple solution might be to dial in 1 or 2 settings per guitar, but I'm hoping I can get a more usable tone to use as a literal amp replacement. I usually play through either a Vox AC30 or a Marshall 18 Watt, so I'm more in the mid-gain range, which unfortunately seems to take longer for me to dial in than either clean or high gain tones. Any help with settings or setup (direct v. air output, etc.) is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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