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  1. DuaneG

    IOS9 compatibility

    Hey Ejcusa - I found what you were referring to - it is the downgrade option. I will use an old iphone for now (with the hope Line 6 sorts this out as a matter of urgency). I have to say, I am utterly stunned that Line 6 is not taking this more seriously. I cannot believe it is taking so long - there are many disgruntled customers who will think twice about supporting Line 6 in future if this is what we are to expect with new technology. Line 6 - this is jsut not good enough!!!! Come on guys, get your act together!
  2. DuaneG

    IOS9 compatibility

    Hey Ejcusa. Are you referring to the itunes ios downgrade to fix the problem? If so, I will have to wait for Line 6 to fix this as I am already making use of the new features on ios9. I was hoping for an easier fix. You refer to "my topic" for the fix - I dont see it - perhaps just post the link :-)
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