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  1. Many thanks, TheRealZap! Just 2 minutes ago it struck me: was there any "filtering" enabled in my IE9 web browser ? (this filtering has caused problems on other websites). So I clicked the little symbol in the address box and turned off the filtering. Voilá - it worked!!!! Problem solved and I'm happy now!
  2. Tried once more to ccreate a support ticket. To no avail If anybody here reads this - can you please ask them to contact me through my email???
  3. I searched the site some more and found that my amp actually was NOT registered. (Obviously I did something wrong the first time). So I went back to the product registering page. This time I typed purchase date: 06/12/2014 (instead of 06122014). This time it worked and I received a email confirming my registration. Still I can't create a support ticket. Maybe I have to wait some time before it works...
  4. Thank you very much. Actually, the first thing I did after creating my account was registering my amp. Now I've tried once more to register it, but this time it doesn't work - Error 525. Maybe the system discovers that it is already registered? Then why can't I create a support ticket??? Still nothing happens when I type anything in the first box. (This is a very odd company, seems that there is no way to contact them unless you register a product. But if the registration doesn't work - where to get help?)
  5. Nothing happens when I type a question in the first box. (You need to complete four steps before you can send them a question). (I live in Sweden, trying to avoid calling)
  6. Hi! I've tried to get in contact with the tech guys. But I fail to create a "Support Ticket". It simply doesn't work. Please help...
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