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  1. Please consider adding feedback or sustain effect.
  2. Stereo amp speakers combo for helix. Please consider stereo amp speaker combo to use with helix. Just makes sense based on your history as a company.
  3. I have searched over the DFW area and have found no stores including Sam Ash and Guitar Center that carrie the JVT guitars. I talked to 3 Guitar Centers and all where not willing stock them. Is This a sign of a problem, price, or just a technology with them I am not sure. But with something this different I am not willing to order online. Are there any dealers in the DFW area that stock the JTV guitars?
  4. Will there be a JTV model of the Bass and or Acoustic guitars?
  5. I have had an Issue with Amplify a couple of times now were the Blue tooth connection is made but editor does not respond. I am playing music throughout the amp but no editing. I have also had an issue where Amplify remote does not show it is connected but I can still play music to the Amp. What can I do? This could be a show stopper when you are using it live.
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