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  1. Thank you!!! It seems like I should go for 500x. I use 2 guitars on stage. One acoustic and one electric, and I don't really happy with the idea of having both active at the same time. Won't be funny if i forget to turn down the volyme on the guitar standing behind me. I'm really happy for the help!!!!
  2. Thank's for the reply. Is it a believe or is it a fact? So I have turn down the volume on the guitar before putting it down then. POD500X has 3 inputs. Can I use all 3? Ex. a accoustic in the xlr. A electric in the 1/4" and a Variax in variax?
  3. Hi! I wonder if I can use two guitars on a firehawk and in the patch decide witch one I want to use. One is a regular guitar in the "normal" input and the other one is a variax in the variax input. I know that I can do that with pod 500x, and before i buy one of them I want to know. I downloaded the remote to check but couldn't find a set for that.
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