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  1. r2drk Yeah thats cool man, point taken, I know who I'm talking with and was never good at sales, technical is what I do, thats why I'm a mechanic. It's good hearing from someone who has taken the time to at least try and hate it, rather than dismiss it altogether, What I'd like to see is more development into making it an easier process for people, for instance you install your os, install your daw, and load in your plugins and your done. The biggest issue I found with KXStudio and AvLinux is exactly what you pointed out, they are both running old versions of the os now, one distro in particular has alot of promise, and that's Linux mint, it gets regular updates and bug/security fixes from Ubuntu, but it's also its own breed as there is a Team developing it, You've given me an idea, we need a supported os right? Why not a Linux Mint XFCE derivative that uses its update manager, have the low latency kernel and jack drivers wine etc already set up ready so someone just needs to buy their daw, install their vsts, and get an interface that works with it, And your right, it still has alot of work to go before you'll see this in a studio, yet alone a pro one, but if nobody tests it, or tries it, as with most open source, will be another promising project forgotten. The biggest issue really is pulling closed source companies into the circle, the likes of Bitwig give out demos like Avid Pro Tools or Reaper do, but still ask a fee to use the pro version of their Linux daw, and they've kept their code closed, I don't see a problem with that, maybe a few other companies need to stop being so worried and just bite the bullet, make multi platform software as a general rule, that is what has always held back linux, maybe there will be some promise soon now Linus striked a deal with Microsoft last year to incorporate the Linux Kernel to Windows 10, might give a few companies (not hackers) a chance to develop more commercial programs for it. Yeah I'm pretty easy Joel, call me.
  2. Aww muah :wub: At least I don't murder Black Sabbath songs and try to be original, Feel free to add me on facebook so we can take this relationship to the next level. https://www.facebook.com/jamie.lennon.524
  3. Eat my lollipop Joel, you might like it.
  4. RD2RK Since your the only person who actually asked a question. Get Linux Mint 18.1 Xfce Read this https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=178572 You'll need Carla, Cadence, JackD2, the tutorial covers most of it and how to get your low latency kernel etc. Use Jackd2, its much more stable *Warning in that tutorial under 4 - /etc/pam.d/common-session DON'T DO THIS, it locks your user out of your PC, leave PAM ALONE! make sure you have wineasio-64 and wineasio:386 For Carla make sure you have the following installed from KX Repos carla-bridge-win32 carla-bridge-win64 carla-bridge-wine64 carla-bridge-wine32:i386 carla-plugins-lv2 carla-data carla-lv2 carla-vst carla-bridge-linux64 carla-git carla-bridge-linux32:i386 Buy Bitwig, or try with the version of Ardour thats on the KXStudio Repo, I found Bitwig to be much better. LV2 Plugins only work in Carla under Bitwig. Some windows VST's may come up with runtime errors in wine when you install them, you will need to debug these and install the windows librarys like VC2005 for example to get them to work. Theres also the setting up of your Linux Distro and you don't need to use Mint, I just found it to be a much more "complete" os than many, if you just want an audio only distro thats already set up with jack and the kernel etc and just want to plug in and get recording try AV Linux http://www.bandshed.net/avlinux/ or http://kxstudio.linuxaudio.org/ spaceatl My mate uses UAD and Apogee for all of his recording, we're working on some drivers atm with a few other people, I'll keep you in the loop if we get it working properly. See guys, I'm not a complete foul mouthed L0000LLIP0Pwit, if you want some help feel free to ask, I was a Windows insider during the formation of Win10, and I think thats what made me look elsewhere, in terms of Linux experience, I've got about as much as you, but programming has always been something I've enjoyed for Windows, and wanted to move to something more challenging. And I always wondered, what cant be done under Linux besides the games thing, seems like that question is getting harder to answer as the os (That I really hated many years ago when I tried it) is indeed getting much much better.
  5. Also, try getting all this lollipop running on Linux using less ram/cpu than windows at 5ms latency on a Focusrite 2i4 and an outdated I5 2400 cpu w/8gig ram, good luck with that.
  6. Lol lollipop this thread went to hell, thanks for the help lollipop :D On a serious note though, I would happily pay line 6 for drivers, I just like giving people lollipop online to gauge the reaction, its not like this company takes note of its consumers anyway, so I BOUGHT Amplitube and got it going on my Open source OS that you lollipopwits so wholeheartedly hate because your too stupid to actually learn how to set it up, and have gotten just about every other Windows based VST I have bought working on here. I wonder how many of you actually pay for your music software, us linux users arent stupid, we know most windows torrents listed are infected to the hilt with backdoors and rootkits, so before you go all self righteous to me about "free and open source software" stop downloading ILLEGAL software, or keep downloading it, not my problem if you get your lollipop hacked by some little Linux script kiddie that lives in his parents basement, me, well I'm a happily married 30 year old father that works as a foreman mechanic and computers have always interested me. Peace.
  7. Hi guys, I've been a Line6 user for years, Own a HD500x, JTV Variax, and DT50, also Pod Farm. But since the upgrade to Windows 10 the drivers and programs were pretty buggy, all of my vsts ran slow in it, so instead of upgrading my PC I decided to say stick it to microsoft and installed Linux Mint 18.1. Now with added freedom everything runs fast, even Windows VST's (including Pod Farm, i'll tell you how I got that going if you make me some drivers), my question is, why hasn't your development team made any support for linux, there are plenty of musos I know that use Linux and want to use your gear but you have no support for it. Hell, we would pay for it.
  8. Hey guys, haha I hoped I would have missed the bullet with this amp but nah. At practice yesterday it was fine then the volume started fading in and out rapidly and I could hear a pop each time it happened. Turned it down and it went away, turned it back up to 12 o clock same thing but worse. Couldnt see any of the settings changing while it happened, had a look at the tubes while it was faulting to see if they were glowing red or crackling or anything. Cant visually see anything wrong with the board or tubes, all connections look good. Wondering if anybody has had this before? Bad tubes? Bad relay? Output transformer? I'm a bit lost to be honest. It was running the ENGL preamp from the pod, channel volume at 12 o clock, master at 12, topology 3. I tried disconnecting the pod and my wireless and plugging straight in at first just in case it was that. But yeah sounds like tubes are dying or she needs to go to the shop, if its tubes easy, if its other stuff, I'll be returning it. Only had it for like 2 months
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