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  1. Hey All :) I have decided after all these years to properly learn guitar. Its been a blast and I am loving it. I have progressed past two chords and a whistle to the point that I actually care what I sound like. I have to admit the electronic of things is a bit intimidating. I feel like a 45 year old child haha. I use an Epiphone 339 through a 75W Line 6 Spider 4. I also have Reaper trial software on a pc thru a Blue Nessie mic. I am seeking advice from the experts as to what's next ? How about these floor "things" ??? Will it make understanding and using the amp easier ? Which one is worth getting ? I rarely leave the man cave but I can for see a time when I venture out into the light and play with other real people. I would appreciate any advice :) Ian
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