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  1. I just got the Line 6 Spider IV 75 with the FSV MK II short board foot pedal, and I realize these are way too complicated for me so I am going to sell them both. they are brand new and don't even have 10 hours of use. $325 for both. Anyone?
  2. I just bought a Spider IV 75 with MKII pedal and am somewhat lost as to how to proceed. I can't find a tutorial video that takes me step by step from A to Z. Is there such a thing? I've read the manual and understand most of it, but I can't seem to put it together in my mind for actual use on a gig. While the presets are cool, I won't use most of them on a gig. I want to set up user presets with sounds I will actually use that I can easily access in a live performance. How to do that and how to organize it is what has me befuddled right now. Also, I would want to edit or change some of the presets so that they have the amount of FX that I want and consistent volume levels between pre sets. How do I accomplish all of this? Any help will be appreciated. I live in Ocean City, MD and gig 3 nights a week in the local lounges and clubs.
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