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  1. That was it, thanks. Including a screen shot in case anyone else stumbles across this...
  2. Hello folks! I just started podcasting and opted for the UX2 to host two mics. However, I cannot figure out how to send Mic 1 to one track in Reaper and Mic 2 to a second track. I'd like to edit the tracks separately. I've set Tone A (Mic 1) to Send 1-2 and Tone B (Mic 2) to Send 3-4 (see pic). I do not see a way to select Send 3 or 4 as an input source in Reaper, so I can't record the tracks separately... Anybody know how to do this?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Turns out that my earphone jacked somehow got fried! After all of the uninstall/install business, I just need a different earphone jack.
  4. Pod Farm 2.59 (used Monkey to update all drivers and Pod items) on Windows 10. Lost power and many of my tones are crazy out of whack, like Ace Lick, my primary tone, has this extremely weird delay and echo. Seems to diminish if I power off the "Medium Hall" device, but then I lose most all of the volume. Long story short, is there a way to restore original tones and Pod settings to recover?
  5. Thanks, UG - the HD 500x looks promising. I will also have to check out the Firehawk!
  6. Is there a Line6 amp/effects combo that would allow me to use the same tones/effects in the POD Farm UX1 via a foot pedal or something similar?
  7. Thanks for the link to the packs - very helpful! I am using the Line6 UX1 to record w/ POD Farm.
  8. Anyone know where I can get some vocal filters to use in conjunction with POD Farm (I also use Audacity for recording). My vocals are horrible and would love to add various effects to the vox (e.g. robot, reverb, talk box, etc.). Also, does anyone know where I can actually hear the power packs for the POD Farm? I can see the various packs for sale, but there's no accompanying audio to hear what things are included!
  9. Does anyone have a custom tone that simulates the awesome sustain from a Wolfgang on a Fender Deluxe solid state amp? I love the "A minor.." and "Rattlesnake" settings on the UX1, but the pull-offs and hammer-ons don't sustain very long. Any way to use those crisp tones and have the rich sustain?
  10. Triryche, Thanks for your responses - I've taken the laptop back. I think I'm going to opt for a desktop w/ non-touch. Do you know of any issues w/ POD Farm being incompatible with Win 8.1?
  11. No, its a new Toshiba touch screen laptop. After restarting the computer (after the updates), POD Farm appeared to launch as expected. However, every time I launch POD Farm, every other USB port and the touch screen features are disabled. So, I'm stuck using POD Farm with the track pad. Very unproductive. If I restart the computer w/ the UX1 connected, everything is fine until I launch POD Farm, so I know it's POD Farm causing the weird USB/touch screen problems.
  12. I ran Line Monkey, which updated itself and what appears to be the USB firmware - all green checks now. Launched POD Farm afterwards, still hangs. Unplugged UX1 and got the error, "Line 6 failed to initialize L6TWXY framework. (Code 0x80007405). Weirdly enough, every time I launch POD Farm, my touch screen components fail (can no longer use touch screen) and my Wi-Fi also gets hosed. Have to restart Wi-Fi connections and haven't yet figured out how to reenable touch w/out rebooting.
  13. POD Farm 2.57 running Win 8.1 w/ latest patches. When I installed POD Farm, installation was successful, but then had some issues during the License Manager phase - POD Farm hangs when the UX1 is connected via USB (I've tried using different USB ports). When I unplug the UX1, most times POD Farm will then start, but then tell me I need to run License Manager. I've run the LM successfully, it has correctly identified the UX1 and my computer, but I seemed to only get this thing to run once on my PC. After selecting a pre-defined tone, the POD Farm was left hanging and when I unplugged the USB cable, a BSOD ensued. It has BSOD's at least three times now and now I can't even launch POD Farm successfully. I have also reinstalled to no avail. Anyone have similar issues w/ the latest POD Farm and Win 8.1? p.s. The UX1 and POD Farm work flawlessly on my other laptop running Win 7. I know the device is working...
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