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    Sonic Port + iOS 13 = NG?

    ... again, maybe still posted before, here the Support answer : Hi, We have confirmed that the Apple class compliant driver that Sonic Port / Sonic Port VX relies on for audio is failing on iOS 13. We have seen this across multiple iPhones. Our QA department has logged a bug with Apple to resolve this, but being that this is Apple’s driver, we have no control over if/when this will be fixed. We will update this article with any relevant information as it comes. Here’s the article: https://line6.com/support/page/kb/mobile-products/sonic-port-mobile-in/sonic-port-sonic-port-vx-audio-issues-with-ios-13-r925/ Best regards, Line 6 Technical Support Europe
  2. I also do not feel that someone from LINE 6 is interested or responsible for this problem ...
  3. Luckily, I still have an IPhone 6s that I have not updated yet ... Funnily, it does not work when I put the entire library on the Dropbox ( from the BIAS FX software , IOS13 from my iPad) I can not read out with the phone (IOS 12 ) ...
  4. Also for me, since I have upgraded to IOS 13, the SONIC PORT does not work anymore, but think that it is the programming of the plug. When plugging into the iPad i hear a light cracking, nothing more is possible ... luckily have an iPhone with IOS 12 I leave it so, otherwise I can not play music anymore .. I hope LINE 6 will hereby APPLE communicate that so fast it works again. It would be a shame, if users are left alone again, according to the motto: buy something new ...