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  1. I am not talking about combo/amp format. I am talking about the pedal format here or maybe DI Box style. And DSP is not a concern here since I am talking about only Amps models/ IR blocks on the Helix. If line6 could make a Boss size pedal format of the helix: just amp models/IR blocks and powered by 9V DC. I believe it will be super cool.
  2. power cab provides only a cab model and IR, but no amps. I am talking about only amp models on the helix. I think it will be cool to have pedal formant of helix amps.
  3. Since line6 made Helix Effect and Helix Stomp. Now they should make Helix Amp. Pedal format Like stomp and only amp models are built in. And even more low cost... Maybe $200~300. It will be a dream.
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