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  1. Before I went out to play the other night I was adjusting my sounds and warming up at home. Amp sounded great noproblems what so ever. Get to the gig plug in to do a sound check and the volume was at a normal out put and sudenly dropped out. No master volume what so ever same volume from 1 -10, very low. Shut the amp off and turned it back on same thing a surge of volume then back to a very low un adjustable volume. I even plugged the power sorce into a different outlet, thinking it was a surge or power protector or something like that. Luckily they had an amp I could use. Very disapointed to not be able to use this less than a month old amp. Brought it home and plugged it in and seems to be working fine. Been playing for years and have never had this happen to any amp I've had. Any idea's why this would happen?
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