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  1. Hey! Happy to say the amp is working again as it should. Just plugged the amp this morning (while doing the reset again) and it was working at normal volume. Did the l6 link again but there were no output issues this time. Everything seems ok :) This is the best amp i've ever tried, can't belive how good it sounds, specially paired with my HD500x. There's a Vox AC30 in our rehearsal place and did some comparison just to find that DT 50 is really there. Would love to know the fix to that output problem, since i found some people having the same issue, but in my case it was just letting the amp rest all the night. Maybe some problems when pairing the amp and the HD500x for the first time, but who knows.. Edit: Yep CraigGT, it can blow your walls. Played it today with Master at 20% in topology II and it almost made me bleed :lol: Dt-25 was my first choice but then saw those DT50 at that hot price and it was a no-brainer :)
  2. Hi Everyone, im an old time Line 6 user but new to DT amps. Here is my problem. I just received today a brand new DT 50 112 (yes, i know its discontinued, but for some reason some DT 50's appeared on Thomann recently at a very low price. All of them sold quickly as you could guess) Out of the box and direct to my guitar it sounded just perfect. Problems started when i decided to L6 link to my Pod HD 500x. Volume was quite low, and after some settings here and there, i realized that even at full level in Gain, Volume, and Master Knobs (in both amp and HD 500) it sounded weaker than my old Mustang IV at 5. Then i switched back to direct input and the volume was still quite low, in fact the amp sounded louder in Full LVM than normal, which is enough evidence to notice that something is going wrong inside the amp. Tried to do a factory reset but nothing changed. All tubes seems to be working. Preamp tubes have a very dim light (as little as a spark), but don´t know if this is the normal thing since im new to tube amps. I want to think its just a firmware problem, but I'm fearing to send it back to Thomann with just one hour of use :( Quite sad because at first it sounded just perfect. Its a killer amp! Thanks for your help
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