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  1. Thanks hurghanico! I know I could have experimented without bothering people, but I prefer to engage with people. I used the 4CM before with a first-gen Katana 2x12, and it sounded great, and in a live situation it would be more appropriate (no unplugging cables). But since I don't play live, this is far easier. Appreciate the tip!
  2. Hey folks! I just got a Katana MK2 100 Combo, which has a power amp in so the 4 cable method is no longer required. I haven't tested it yet, but any advice on whether I should set the 1/4" out on the Pod to "Line" or "Amp"? I'm thinking "Line" because "Amp" was for plugging into the front of an amp, correct?
  3. merglet

    Pod HD500X and 4CM

    Thank you! That's the best explanation I've seen so far. So just to double check, having the send/return off, is the same as not having the send/return in the patch at all? For example, if I was using one of the presets that come with the pod, it would just send directly to the amp's fx return and to the power section of the amp, no muss, no fuss. If that's correct, I owe you a beer! I've been looking for two weeks for a thorough explanation and that's about the best I've seen so far. Thanks a million!
  4. merglet

    Pod HD500X and 4CM

    So.. .when the effects loop is off, it bypasses the preamp on the amp? Thanks for your reply :)
  5. Okay, I know this has been asked millions of times already, but I need a straight answer. I understand that if I want to use my amp's preamp, I just insert an FX loop into the chain and easy peasy. What I don't understand is how to completely bypass my amp's preamp using the 4cm. If answering, please don't say "use this other method of cabling instead", because I see that a lot, and it doesn't help. I'm not switching cables in and out during a live show. What do I need to do in a patch to use the preamps on the pod and bypass the one on the amp? And even switch back and forth just by changing patches? Thanks a million, look forward to replies.
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