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  1. OK...maybe there was just something weird in that Preset I made. I deleted it entirely and copied a simple Factory Preset to "play" with. It had no Snapshots. I set 2 Snapshots and they worked and saved just as they should. Don't really understand what could have been strange with that initial Preset. Tomorrow I will create another Preset from scratch and see if the no Snapshots thing returns.
  2. yes....Snapshots 1/2/3 drop down from above....it HAS to be something dumb.....I hate it when i can't figure stuff like this out on my own......it's part of the fun of it for me.....(seeing how my actual playing really sucks....lol)
  3. I've done this. That's why I thought I knew what I was doing. Whatever I save on one Snapshot is saved on the other. I'm bound to be overlooking something dumb.
  4. Thought I understood how to set these. I've read everything thru several times (especially about Snapshots and Global settings). I created a "test" new preset. Everything works OK. But then tried to set up Snapshots and I can't get them to SAVE. Global setting is on "Recall" (not "Discard"). Example is I wanted the OD to be OFF for SS1 and ON for SS2. Trying to set this HX Edit or on the pedal itself it doesn't save from one Snapshot to the other. If I bypass it on SS1 and then go to SS2 and turn it ON....it is then turned on when I go back SS1. Whatever I last set it to stays for either Snapshot. Bound to be me.....Snapshots work fine in Factory Presets.
  5. Just ran across Bias FX also.....anybody tried that? I know these things aren't gonna be 100% as good as my Helix Floor.....but for my present use it might be "good enuf" and I could sell the Floor and have enuf money for a new guitar of some sort.......
  6. https://imgur.com/cIiBz9L My Helix on my computer desk..
  7. Thxagain guys.....as I said, I already have the Helix floor....so I guess I better just keep it for now. I had just run across a Native story and thought it might be a more "stand alone" application...but I guess not. So I'll keep exploring around a bit for a computer based guitar rig, although I doubt there is anywhere out there better than the Helix Floor itself.
  8. Thanks guys for your input..... IF...I go to the Native only I would be plugging into a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and then to my computer. Computer is pretty stout (Intel i7 quad core and 16gb ram) Powered JBL studio monitors or headphones from my Scarlett. I don't really record anything but do have the free Pro Tools (which I know you can't use outside plug-ins).....so unless I go with the purchased ProTools or another route I wouldn't be using a DAW in the chain of things. I'm not worried about minor latency...but if it were too bad it would be an issue of course and not worried about the digital/analog tone thing (you sort of give that up when you go to Helix don't you?)....don't use an amp (I live in an apartment complex and can't get loud anyway). Just wondering if Native can be used as a "stand-alone" in place of Helix Floor......( no need to have a $1500 piece of equipment here if a $400 piece of software will do the same ....minus the physical buttons and switches of course)....for my purposes...not to play out anywhere
  9. I play only at home now. Usually thru my Helix which is routed thru an AI into my computer using the powered monitors of my system. Questions is....could I buy and use Helix Native on my computer and do away with my Helix Floor? In my situation and setup will the Helix Native act the same as my Helix Floor for my playing purposes? Helix Native, in itself, looks to be almost like Helix Editor interface for my Helix Floor....is this a correct assumption?
  10. Using Win7 for several years. Helix upgraded to 2.8 just fine recently. Going to upgrade the computer to Win10 soon. Is there any issues with Helix when upgrading from Win7 to Win10? (I understand Helix works fine on Win10...but wondering if there is any issue after upgrading or would I have to re-install Helix)
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