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  1. Mercival

    Mobile Keys 25 Not Working On Iphone4

    My mobile keys 49 is still not recognized by any app, including the midi memo app by line 6.
  2. Mercival

    Mobile Keys 25 Not Working On Iphone4

    Well, i've since updated my iPhone to ios8, and guess what? The keyboard is once again not recognized by any compatible app on my phone. I think this might actually be a more challenging issue than before, as most of my downloaded apps were barely functional after the OS update. I went through the same process that I did before, with no success.
  3. Mercival

    Mobile Keys 25 Not Working On Iphone4

    I finally resolved this issue and would like to share what I did in case it helps someone else. My mobile keys 49 unit stopped working with any application after installing ios7 on my iPhone 4s. I checked to ensure that all of the compatible apps were up to date. Then I tested the keyboard on my computer using some desktop daws, and it worked fine. I stumbled upon the line6 monkey updater software and decided to download it to see if it would resolve my problem. It connected to the keyboard just fine, but didn't indicate that there were any updates available and didn't seem to do anything to the unit. After I disconnected from the computer, I plugged the keyboard into my phone and opened up the line6 midi recorder app. Lo and behold, it instantly told me there was a firmware update! It never lollipoping did this before, so I assume that my connecting the unit to the monkey software triggered something. I have since tested the keyboard in my compatible iOS apps, and it works just fine.
  4. Mercival

    Mobile Keys 25 Not Working On Iphone4

    I've had this same issue since I downloaded ios7. My MK49 isn't recognized by ANY compatible app, including the midi mobilizer app, by Line6. Has anyone found an update on this?
  5. Mercival

    Mobile keys 49 not detected

    I don't know where else a post like this could go. It's the closest category that I see. I'm having the same issue. As soon as I updated to ios7, my MK49 unit stopped being recognized by any compatible app. The midi mobilizer app doesn't even see it. This tells me that this is an ios7 issue, but I can't find any confirmation or help related to this. I tried the hardware in the following apps: Nano Studio Garageband Nlog Synth Sunrizer XS AniMoog Can anyone direct me somewhere? I'm going to try to call Line6 today.