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  1. Ah ok thanks! The expert manual doesnt mention anything about MIDI Clock. Chimp, well thats lollipop too then. You cant pull forward (or delay) the clock signal in your DAW like you can with normal MIDI tracks, can you? The expert manual on paga 131 under supported MIDI commands says this: CC064 64~127= Tap Tap Tempo – Activation I'm not sure what that means, but sounds like you could emulate pressing the Tap-Btn by sending CC64 from your DAW, so you could try to send them rhytmically on every quarter note, but then the beat/bar position still might not fit with the DAW
  2. Does the POD HD Pro X not receive MIDI-Clock? Is there no way to set the Tempo for the FX from my DAW instead of tapping it in (via the tap btn)?
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