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  1. hey dialtech, I thought I had seen the light when I read your post. I quickly turned my phone off and on, then set it to do not disturb. I then turned the amp on and within seconds I get the data connection lost message. oh no. thanks for your advice mate. as I said in my reply to jaguar, I used to receive updates and texts and emails before, and I only had to acknowledge them for them to go away. it never effected connectivity. im at a loss here. im hoping line 6 can point me in the right direction. firmware or store repair.??????
  2. hey there jaguar, same deal here my friend. from when I bought this several months ago, I would get very rare dropouts in connection. but im talking once or twice a month. then nothing at all. I could receive texts, emails, take other app alerts and it never effected connectivity. I could also go quite a distance away from the amp,and when my son is playing, change tones and music on him. now its every single time I connect. its odd though because it loses connectivity, but the unit still operates as a media player. I can change tracks in the app but cant control the amp. I don't know if its a firmware issue, or if I need to return to the store for repair. is there anyone from line 6 that could offer any ideas. ??
  3. hello guys. i have had my amplifi 150 for several months now, and the instances of data connection dropouts have gone from random, to every single time i turn the amp on. it will start up and connect and i will then get the data connection fault. AMPLIFI remote has lost its data connection to the amplify 150. it will continue to play the music, but all other controls are gone. no volume, tone, effects or anything else is available to me. i have to shut the app down, and reset my Bluetooth, then the amp sees my phone again. my iphone sits less than 2 feet from the amp. i have performed the factory reset on the amp, and i am running the latest firmware. i tried using my wifes phone and i get exactly the same issue. my phone connects to other devices in the house without issue. this is extremely frustrating as the device for now is only working as a media player and i can only access the 4 presets. any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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