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  1. Hey all, Does anyone know if there is a way to increase or decrease the brightness for the LED display?...I had a power failure and now the brightness is really low and I can't figure out how to return the brightness to a normal level. Regards, Chris
  2. Got it, just re flashed through Monkey, got the patch back, thanks for your help spaceatl. Chris
  3. Thanks for the reply spaceatl, The only thing I was doing was double clicking between different bass patches testing out how they sounded, I never switched the set list and the patch that ended up there was one of my own, I made that patch months ago... Can you flash over an existing version or will it deny re flashing with the same version number?
  4. Hey all, I tried resetting the HD500X to Factory presets, unplugged, hold down the DPad left, then plugged the unit back in while maintaining the button pressed, tried all 4 positions but no dice, it doesn't reset. Is this the correct method for restoring it to factory settings? Why I had to do this is odd, I was working with a bass patch, not editing, just playing my bass through the POD under Bass/ACO/VOC (Peggy Bass) was the name of the patch, I started the unit up the next day, the Peggy bass patch was gone and a patch from User 1 was in it's place...any idea what that's all about? Regards, Chris
  5. Thanks hurghanico, much appreciated.
  6. Hey All, I just wanted to know if there is a way to run the effects loop and not use an amp model? Basically just want to turn my HD500X into a stomp box and use my amps own sound..is this just a matter of starting a patch from scratch and excluding an amp model or do I have to disable the amp modeling from the menu somehow? Regards, Chris
  7. Aside from the dirt or rubber dust it works fine...just not something you would expect to see, the place I bought it at has a great reputation, been dealing with them for over 30 years.
  8. I figured out how to attach the pic...this has got to be abnormal?
  9. Thanks all...I get the typical dust issues, but this unit is brand new barely used right out of the box...it's almost like cedar dust or something.
  10. Cpn_Crunch

    WTF is this?

    I bumped my HD500X and a mound of dirt fell out from the foot pedal gap...WTF is this all about?...the 2011 Tsunami?
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