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  1. I have not figured it out, although I’m thinking it might be a conflict with a preset I created in vst mode in studio one 4.5. Just a hunch. I’m inclined to remove the preset but I’m currently using it for a project. I might just move it to another location and see what happens, just haven’t got around to it. I’ll keep you posted, thanks for asking!
  2. In standalone mode, at initial startup, my custom presets' volume are clipping and spiking although the main volume output is in its normal position and the preset's master volume on the amp hasn't changed or the gain, etc. It's as if the output volume knob has been cranked to max or my audio interface input has been maxed out—but this is not the case. This happens to only my custom presets. However, if I select an unedited default preset (Line6), the volume is normal, and when I go back and select any of my custom presets, the volume is normal again and all is fine. Not sure what the issue or conflict is, but can someone explain this phenomenon or know how to fix it? This just started a few days ago and I've had Pod Farm for more than a few years. I haven't added any new software either. I reinstalled Pod Farm, but it didn't' help. SPECS: Mac OS 10.12, Roland UA 4FX USB Interface. Thanks!
  3. Thanks! Holding down the PRESETS button takes me to the Amp Edit Mode menu, but doesn't show the amp knob tone control settings. One would think that from within the Amp Edit Mode menu, the amp knob tone control settings would be part of the parameters to adjust within the Amp edit menu, they are not. I can understand though why Line 6 opted not to include them since they are on the unit itself.
  4. I've been enjoying my new POD HD300 I got for Christmas ($199.99!) Sounds great! It sounds different though when I use different headphones—that's another topic though. I'm curious, is there another way to show the amp knob settings in the display panel besides having to turn one of the physical amp knobs? When I want to see my amp knob settings in the display panel, I turn one of the actual amp knobs (only slightly), but the original setting changes to the position of that actual knob I'm turning. How can I only display them without having to turn a knob? I know this is possible with EDIT, but I don't always want to fire up my laptop, etc. Thanks!
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