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  1. Thank you for your efforts in looking into the matter, Mike. I have adjusted both, and still cannot get the proper sound... well even remotely close to the sound it had before and the issue transpires over to the pre-loaded patches too. I can get every effect but distortion to come through. So even when I go to a patch like, "As I lay dying's" pre-loaded distortion "Shredd", there is still absolutely no distortion to it what-so ever.
  2. Thank you for the quick response, fflbrgst. I have backed up my presets already and conducted a factory reset last night, but to no avail. I still cannot produce any distortion on any of my channels. Everything comes out "Clean". Pretty frustrating =(
  3. Hello All, I packed my Line 6 up for a move and finally got a chance to pull it out for a jam session with some Pals and to my dismay, I cannot produce distortion without turning the gain up. My Custom presets produce absolutely no distortion, but maintain the custom names I have made. As I switch between them the the various custom presets the lights all change accordingly from one custom preset to the next. None of the pre-programmed presets, ranging from As I lay Dying to Meshuggah have distortion either. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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