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  1. Hi Guys! Anybody tried the new IOS 9.0 on the Ipad??? Does it work with the stagescape like bevor?
  2. nobody has seen the wrong visual display in the mixer view like you can see on the pictures above??? i can't imagine that I'm the only one who has this problem with the Ipad... noone is using the samsung stick and saw this dead channels???
  3. hey guys, I'm a owner of a m20d since a year and I have always wrong visual display in my mixer view on the Ipad... It happens absolutly randomly you can see it at the pictures below, channels are incorrect arranged and fake channels show up without fader and buttons with no use and posebility to touch... I use the recommanded samsung wlan stick, the distance to the ipad makes no difference, the location makes no difference, I have komplet new setups created firmware updated etc. - the result was the same... the mistake happens if I restart the stagescape app or if I change a preset any ideas anyone here who had the same problem??? Firmware 1.2 Remote Software 1.2 Ipad Air2 IOS 8.4 best reguards matthias
  4. I've testet a lot of times once again, my result is now the freezing problem like the picture shows pertains only the IPAD APP - SORRY! I noticed this a little late ... :) so the only conclusion that make sense is that the ipad app are the cause of this bugs and the app needs really an update !!! I use an IPad Air with IOS 7.1.1 and the by line6 recommanded samsung-wlan stick.
  5. Hi! I posted a photo as an attachment there you can see how my freezing problem looks like... what do you suggest should I do, send the device to a repair service ??? my M20d is only 1 and a half month old ! thanks, matthias
  6. hey ! I followed your recommandations and I've installed the firmware 1.2 once again, after that I plugged and unplugged any cabels in the input section and after a while the same issue I could find in the mixer view - I posted a photo as an attachment there you can see how it looks like... so I have a monday device ? I probaly have to send this to a repair service from Line6 ??? thanks for your advice!
  7. Hi M20d User! I have a special freezing problem, sometimes and unexpected one two or three channels in the mixer view freezing, so I can’t touch and push the fader , the channel color has changed, it look’s like that something is wrong... the channel hierarchie is confused too, so jumps e-guitar from channel 6 to 7 and piano from 7 to 8 and so on... ! If I restart the M20d everything is fine until the next crash like I described, Whats wrong with the device – are there firmeware and app updates in nearly future available ??? So many bugs after two years at the market !!! HELP! Please!
  8. Hey There! I own the M20d with the recomanded Samsung Wifi Stick... Are any users here which has the possibility to compare with other recomanded sticks like engenius? Which stick is the best from the selection, in range, distance, reliability??? Are there any other sticks maby not recomanded by line6 who are doing a great job??? Is there generally a possibility to use the 5 ghz modus with an usb stick or is this only possible with an external router??? thanks for answering, M
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