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  1. Hi there! This weekend I'm going to play a gig with my band and the organizer said that all acts have to use the backline amps. Last time I were in this scenario I thought it would be a great idea to run the pod straight into the effects return on one of the backline amps. At that time it was some kind of Blackstar head. So I connected everything and turned on the amp and the master. It was all quiet. I didn't manage to get any sound out of the head. Now I don't want that to happen again, and I don't know what I forgot to do at the last gig.. So now I'm asking for advice! Can someone please tell me ALL THE STEPS of connecting the pod to an amp in the fx return? Any output options that I need to change? How should I set the output levels on the pod and amp? Was it just the Blackstar head that didn't work? Thanks!
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