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  1. I use the rack unit so the possibility of damage would be slim, though I think that proper design could make a floor unit very durable. I use the edit software almost exclusively but during a jam session the idea of a vastly improved display would be usefull. I like the possibility of being able to use the unit only.
  2. I think if the display was touch and high resolution people would find it quite useful and work with it. Maybe more with the rack unit.
  3. It would be a great improvement to the Pod HD or future iteration if the display was a high resolution touch, similar to what we see on a smartphone. It would drastically improve usability and clarity. The current display really seems out of place, especially in contrast to the editing software and what the unit is capable of. It just seems strange that there is this great unit and then a display that is anachronistic. Imagine the information displayed crystal clear with gorgeous color and the ability to make adjustments right there. It would really push the unit to the next level.
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