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  1. Yes indeed. In headphones the pingpong delay is in stereo- it bounces left to right as it should. In speakers it just sits in the middle. If you wouldn't mind checking tis for me, place a pingpong delay at the end of a chain and see what you hear when you put your head right in front of the speakers. Does it move left to right or just come from the middle? Another test is to place the panner last in the chain. Listen through headphones and you'll hear the sound move from left to right. Through my speakers it doesn't do anything. No change in amplitude. Please report back if you can. Best regards
  2. Hi Jack, Greetings from Melbourne. Yes indeed, the fx controls are enabled and appear to operate as a master for the FX/delays/mod. When at full clockwise there is only delays -BUT- the delays are not in stereo. The pingpong doesn't move from left to right, it just sits in the middle and no amount of tweeking via my ipad seems to make them move left to right. Can you try an experiment for me? Create a new patch with just an amp and place a pingpong delay in the last slot. Can you hear the delays clearly moving from side to side through the speakers? If you can, I'm doing something wrong. If you can't . . . . Many thanks
  3. Hi guys. Newbie question. I got a second hand 75 from an Aussie rep which is in great condition. I've got an AXE FX 2 so I'm quite capable when it comes to routing things in the right order (stereo FX placed after the amp, drive etc) but I can't get a convincing ping pong delay out of this thing even with the delay last in the chain. The stereo panner just sounds like a tremolo. Streaming music is fine and the mid/tweeters clearly work in stereo, actually it's a great stereo unit for music. But perhaps not for guitar FX? Am I the only person who wants a ping pong delay to, well, ping pong from left to right? Thanks in advance.
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