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  1. thank you for the assistance I will test it all and you know detain
  2. the good I have tested everything without any result but really every setting possible impossible to get good sound in the video as always no matter the setting, so I followed your advice
  3. I understand that I have to use an EQ but I do not understand why those with the same adjustment that a person youtube or original presets I obient that were horrible and last question you talk about gold kHz I do not see or that is?
  4. a video of a guy who has the same problem as me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDTkvjdgkog
  5. I also use google translation ^^ thank you for your help
  6. then I understand is that you said to me except that it can not ^^ but the sound is really bad I can not play rock or metal or anything the only clean drinking I'm still adjust each knob or test each effect preset other person I gets no good result it's actually a little late home (France) tomorrow I'll post video picture is for you to understand my problem in more detail thank you anyway for helping me change it myself the french telling me all burn ^^
  7. "Reduce 1400 - 1600 MHz as a start." I find his or? and the buzz is still present even with the helmet and even I use presets already programmed
  8. http://hebergeurfichier.com/download/62b538c1c64d83a4f3f56e6f458ea1d8.html (I just add distortion to show you the sound I no noise or anything at all for you to better understand the problem the noise gate etoufe the buz but still present ) yes but the sound is clear and clean and no me neither it unusable and full of parasite why? I do not ask to have a great sound but something decent to just be able to learn (Here is why I'm looking for me my sound is bad)
  9. google translation: hello I just ask you to help me because I'm so desperate before exposure My problem is my config LTD M100 FM / POD UX 2 (black frontage) / home theater So my worry is that I have a completely rotten sound worthy of a guitar at 50 € small snippet of sound I get (whether with POD farm / guitar rig / fl studio ...) http://hebergeurfichier.com/download/6a4e7b5d23defa3e2abadbd526caf95b.html do you have a solution?
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