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  1. I bought it new. It died after a year. Then I had a new motherboard replaced for 400 bucks 6 years ago. I woke a couple weeks ago up to messages in the tiny display saying 'amp lic. are no longer mine' whilst changing presets with my foot. I had never hooked this up to a computer till this moment, do the amps need relicensing after 6, 7 years?. this computer also says it doesn't recognize my unit as a real line6 unit when hooked up as it is now. Between this amp mess, the failure of the motherboard after a year, that pos 'guitar backtrack 'that failed after a few months, I'm not a fan and never will buy any line6 again, etc. But the floor pod in question sounds good, mostly. For 800 bucks, I want it to work. How to I pay the ransom to get this to work? I am not tech savvy. Do I call these people with my serial numbers? Where are my amps!
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