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  1. Thank you.....gonna try syncing with my iOS Ipad mini which is what I usually run Amplifi on. Peace!
  2. That is what I was thinking Mikey.......a simple mod would solve this huge problem....I'm gonna look into that I think. I mean you could get your lollipop kicked for showing up to practice with no line out on your amp in my neck of the woods.... I just don't get what they were thinking by making a amp with no line out..........it's baffling to say the least.
  3. How do copy all my music files so they show up in the Amplifi app for iOS? Would like to be able to play the mp3's I have on local computer by way of the Amplifi 150? Thanks
  4. Was wondering if there is any way to use headphones as a line out going to the PA? When I plugged into the headphone jack on my Amplifi 150 it cut off the speakers in the amp? I would rather not have to use a mic to get sound through the PA...... I am really disappointed that there is no line out on the amp.......dealing with condenser mics is a pain and a extra cost........ I just assumed a supposed "state of the art" amp would have a line out....and did not notice at time of purchase...... How could this be over looked with a amp that has ALL these features??
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