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  1. Yes, The dsb board is attached beneath the whole preamp panel. The only part equal to regular acoustic guitars with preamps is the mic beneath the bridge. That's why i figure it should be possible to fit a whole new device and jack input in there.
  2. Yes batteries light up but the arrows flash signalling the batteries are dead. Even with new batteries. And i could smell something (don't know how to describe it) on the printboard when i tested with batteries. Wonder if i can find another brand preamp that would fit the weird curved shape.
  3. Hi all, I have a (old) variax 300 accoustic guitar steelstring. I play it daily but almost never amplified. Last time i used the guitar amplified was 3 years ago on a gig. Not that long ago my guitar fell and the nut was broken. Went to a repairation shop and he made a new nut and fixed more stuff. But the preamp doesn't work anymore (the part with buttons volume, body, verb, comp, mic… and the 10 programs and tune buttons) tried it with xps mini feed and with batteries. It's Defenenitly the pre amp that is Busted. Can i get that part as a spare somewhere or is there a brand of preamp that would fit in its place? Thanks.
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