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  1. It happened exactly like you said. There's an "input monitoring" toggle on each track, was a quick fix. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Well, you are all absolutely right indeed! I switched the output to the Stomp, and connected my headphones to it instead. I've been recording for 2 hours now without a single hiccup. Thank you very much!
  3. Hello, Disclaimer: I'm a recent owner, and a total newbie in modellers, USB recording, DAW, etc. So, I have a Mac Book Pro 2015 running Mojave and installed Logic Pro X (3 month trial, nice), connected the Stomp and got some recording done pretty quickly. Pretty cool! I use the Stomp as input (duh), I set the output to system setting, then I have headphones connected to the Mac to listen to everything (usually I just do silent recording in the evening). Now the issue. Frequently, while I'm playing over a recording, layering stuff, very suddenly the latency jumps a lot. And I'm talking 1, 2 or even 3 secs latency. The latency applies only to the input guitar signal, whatever is already recorded is fine. I need to restart Logic to fix it. Until next time. Any hints to avoid this issue? Also, about Helix Mac driver, could it help with this? Should I install it? Or that is just for macOS/OSX versions older than Mojave? Thanks in advance!
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