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  1. Yep - all set up correctly On the copied preset, the affected parameters are highlighted in white with square brackets, but they are not changing when moving from snaptshot 1 to 2 to 3, etc. Update: I can copy and paste direct from the unit and the snapshot info is there - phew!! Just won't do it via Edit Dave
  2. Hiya - sorry for not being clearer. The snapshot windows are there, 1 to 8, but no info in them, ie it's the same sound on all 8 snapshots. So, if I had a preset with, say SS1 = rhythm, SS2 = cleaner (less gain on the amp), SS3 = solo (more gain on the amp, wetter delay mic, increased reverb level). I save that and/or export the preset. Then copy it or load it from the exported file - when I load/copy to a fresh location, no snapshot specific info is held. Just whatever is on SS1, replicated for the other 7 snapshots Cheers
  3. Hi there - thanks for taking the time to respond Edit is showing as being on 3.11
  4. Hi there - this is driving me nuts!!! Running Helix 3.01.0 on my LT If I save one of my existing presets that includes snapshots and if I then copy to another location (to have 2 presets the same) - no snapshots on my new preset in the LT! If I download a preset from Custom Tone which has snapshots in it, no snapshots on my new preset on my LT If I export one of my presets which has snapshots and reload to another location - no snapshots on my new preset on my LT! What on earth am I missing here?? Thanks in advance
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