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  1. Hi all Just wanted to know if the FBV Express MKII will work with Amplifi TT? Also if this does work can it turn stomps on and off. Such as distortion on and off, chorus on and off e.t.c... http://uk.line6.com/foot-controllers/fbv-express-mkii Thanks
  2. Apologies usnavychiefret I meant headphone port I have edited it now. It works really well from here and does everything. Only fault is backing tracks are not coming out at top notch quality but that's due to the guitar cab. But still it sounds pretty damn good! Guitar wise it's fantastic. I may use the amp out port and purchase some monitors and use the main out for audio. I am guessing the blend volume of guitar and overall audio will still work if I did this? Really liking this product so far though a lot of awesome tones!
  3. Hey guys I went from the headphone port from the TT straight to the amp. The guitar sounds great and the music playback is okay but I might get some monitor speakers and put the playback to this and them the guitar to my amp if that makes sense?
  4. Hello all From my research it seems using the "Amp Out" port on the TT will only send the guitar signal to my amp/cab and not the Bluetooth to stream music. Is there another way of connecting the TT to my amp so I get everything. It would be connected to my micro terror which then connects to my unpowered cabinet. I did think about using the mains out but it seems the left hand side is not mono and I don't think a Y splitter cable from L/R output going into a effects loop port on the amp would work?? Then I also though about going from the TT's headphone port straight into my effects loop port on my amp but again not sure that would work? Any ideas at all would be much appreciated.
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