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  1. Hi I am trying to do some recording using my POD HD I got a while ago as the audio interface while using it with my amp at the same time and I have a couple of questions to ask. 1) In my DAW (REAPER) Device Input 1 and 2 are shown, from what I understand Input 1 is the sound of my Amp's preamp section and Input 2 is the clean signal from my guitar into the POD HD. Is this correct? If so the Input 1 recording should have all the effects I have activated in my patch right? 2) Right now I have all the sounds from the DAW go through the amp speakers, how should I set it up if possible in a way where my amp(connected by L 1/4" out) only gets the sound of the guitar and then the monitor speakers (connected by R 1/4" output) get the rest of the of the tracks? Thanks In Advance
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