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  1. I have had trouble linking the device to the app via bluetooth on iphone since I bought the thing used. The phone will say it's connected in the settings , but when I open the app it says device not connected !! I have gone back and forth from the settings to the app turning each off and on until it finally connects. I figured it would work better if I updated the device . I was in the process of downloading an update on my iphone app (ABOUT 50% COMPLETE) when the Amplifi device got unplugged . NOW I have gotten back o the update download after deleting and reinstalling the App and going back and forth with both devices to connect them. Now in the settings on my phone it says the amplifi is connected but the bluetooth light on the device is not lit and the update download line isn't filling in and there is a spinning icon above it . Now The Amplifi device will not work at all.
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