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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have the floor unit ( not the LT) with 2.3 ( I guess 2.5 came out like yesterday or something) - I guess I'm also not sure how the active pickup input works or if there s an adjustment that would allow it to be used with a regular guitar. Also, someone has a youtube post where they say they have 2 mics and two instruments and I couldn't understand how they got two mic's. ( acoustic. bass and 2 mic's) But yeah, of course I forget about the templates-- so Ill check those--- thanks
  2. So I was jamming with a bass player and vocalist and trying to figure out if there was a way to get all 3 going simultaneously. No active pickups. Is there a way to have 2 instruments and a microphone at the same time? What inputs, signal flow and output settings. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. !!!!!!!
  3. Well - good news and better news--- Started a support ticket and got prompt response and they will take care of the issue. The better news is the reason it sounded like a cable was cutting out was...........wait for it.........drum roll please...........a cable was cutting out. Tried the headphone jack, didn't have the problem, process of elimination and of course it turned out to be a defective XLR.
  4. Got a Helix about 3 weeks ago. Finally, got the chance to sit down and really check it out over the 4th weekend. Bought it from a store that only allows returns for 14 days. When the loop is playing the volume sometimes cuts in and out. If I tap on the unit with my finger the signal gets scratchy and cuts in and out as well. Sounds like a guitar cable is being plugged and unplugged- but it isn't. Seems like I got a lemon and maybe there is a loose connection/wire somewhere. Can't return it - obviously it is defective and now I have to deal with warranty and repair on some thing that has less than 20 hours a of use. -- Everyone says they are " built like a tank" --- unfortunately not the one I got. Anyone else have this problem?
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