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  1. You're right. Didn't think of that point you made. Apologies, I couldn't resist.
  2. Ah, why didn't I think of that? Maybe because I hate wires. Thanks! That should work, but .... You're saying there really is no way to playback from any bluetooth device (such as my phone) when I am also using the Amplifi remote app on another BT device (such as my tablet)? I guess that makes sense because I thought you could only connect one BT device at time. But, that's not quite how this thing is advertised: Play along with your song lists. But, only if you hard-wire it into aux??? Oh well. Maybe the answer is to playback songs on the same BT device. I think I have actually done that (I just got this for christmas and still on the learning curve). I connect my tablet, and run my mp3 player. then launch remote app and control the guitar amp. That works, but ... The other reason I was hoping to use laptop with BT is so I can access all my MP3 from network share (my tablet or phone won't hold them all). So, I guess if I want to do that, I have to use aux in. Unless, you have another tricks for that? Is there an Android app out there that will let me access files on my home network from my tablet via wireless so that I can play them back through my mp3 player on my tablet (i.e. without having to copy the mp3 file locally to my tablet first)? Make the network shared drive appear like storage to the tablet somehow? Am I wishful dreaming here?
  3. Here's a pickle. I got a Line 6 Amlifi 75 with bluetooth player support. I bought a USB bluetooth adapter for my Win7 laptop. It works great with EVERYTHING EXCEPT Jammit (for Windows). The Playback Device Failed For the Following reason: AUDCLNT_E_FORMAT_NOT_SUPPORTED I think I know why. Wondering if there is ANYTHING that can be done. Extensive testing; no problems with anything else bluetooth. Saw in Jammit support post that must run at 16 bit 44100; I checked my windows sound settings for the Amplifi bluetooth device, and it says 16 bit 48000 (DVD Quality), and I cannot change it (greyed out). I can run the test in Windows sound control and I hear it from the amp; so, it is not a bluetooth or amp issue. The grand idea here was to play Jammit through the amp via bluetooth while using the amp to download the matching tones and play them. This is one of the selling features of Amplifi: to easily play along with external players. Yes, I undestand this is a Jammit issue, but doesn't Jammit have some sort of business relationship with Line6? I am shocked that Jammit is the only thing that doesn't work with my Amplifi. Is there another way? Can I use Jammit on Andriod tablet at the same time I am using my Line 6 Amplifi Remote on the same tablet; both coming out of Line 6 via bluetooth at the same time? I don't think you can have two audio apps going at same time, can you?
  4. Wow Zap. I can see why you are rated an expert. :-P In case anyone else suffers the same fate, I had to do the OPPOSITE of what the directions specified. I had nothing to lose, so I tried plugging in the USB BEFORE installing the software (the directions are very specific about doing the opposite and not plugging in the USB first). That worked.
  5. Think I finally got it working. I had to do the exact OPPOSITE of what the instructions said. The instructions say NOT to connect the USB before/during utility install. Tried that about 4 times, with uninstall/reboots between each one. So, I tried connecting the USB first, then running the Utility installer. This finally worked and I was able to upgrade the firmware. Another Note: the online guide says something about going into Update Mode. In my case, I turned on the amp normally, and connected USB. Ran the utility instlaler. Then lauched the utiltiy. It recognized the connection this time. I started the firmware upgrade. It then walked me through turning off the amp and turning on with Tone and Tap buttons pressed for Update Mode. Then it went through the download/install of the firmware update. At the end, it tells you to do the factory reset. Doesn't really indicate whether to keep the amp connected via USB or not. I disconnected USB, powered amp down, and powered up with Tone and Master Volume knob pressed for factory reset. Then went onto Android device and tried connecting via Bluetooth. Keeps losing connectivity with messages: AMPLIFI reconnect Lost data connection Reconnecting and reading the prest from Unknown In settings, AMPLIFI shows as "syncing ...." But, then it finally stuck after a couple of cycles of powering down and restarting bluetooth connection and it shows as connected. But, it still keeps losing connection. My device is sitting on top of the amp! C'mon man. Not impressed so far. This thing may be going back if this is normal operation.
  6. Just got my Amplifi 75 for christmas. Have to upload firmware for Android app support, but can't update the firmware. Followed all the crappy directions as best I could (with notes at top saying the procedure is out of order???). Utility installed on Win7 laptop, but getting "device driver failed to install" when plugging in USB. Utility keeps saying device not connected; retry connection button does nothing. Device isn't recognized when plugged into Win7 laptop. Can't upgrade firmware, so can't use remote app with Android. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling. Tried holding Tone and Tap buttons on startup.Now what?
  7. Well, it didn't work. Merry friggin Christmas. Have to upload firmware for Android app support, but can't update the firmware. Followed all the crappy directions. Utility installed, but "device drive failed to install" when plugging in USB. Utility keeps saying device not connected; retry connection button does nothing. Device isn't recognized when plugged into Win7 laptop. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling. Tried holding Tone and Tap buttons on startup.Now what?
  8. Newbie. After loading a tone via preset or from cloud, and you then start to tweak it, how do you know what the original settings were for reference? I have other Line6 products, and when you first load a preset the knobs, settings, etc. aren't really used, but as soon as you touch one, the whole sound can change (somtimes quite dramatically) because it starts using your tweak. Typically, there is a light or other indicator when you adjust a setting and match the original setting (for example, as you adjust delay level, you will get an indicator that your setting matches the original preset). But, as I am tweaking the remote app, I don't seem to see any indicator for original settings. If I go too far or make a mistake, how do I get back towards the original settings (other than reloading the preset and starting over)?
  9. Get to open my new Amplifi75 at Christmas tomorrow. I have a question about using the remote app for Android. I haven't connected the app to my amp yet, but trying to learn it ahead of time, there doesn't appear to be a way to step through all the factory presets so I can demo them and get a feel for them all. In other words, start with a certain preset, then just do something to jump to the next preset, and so on. Am I missing something? Do I have to go select each one individually?
  10. Ok, Android guy got one for Christmas. I hope this all works!
  11. I almost made the same mistake back in May, 2014, when considering Amplify for my birthday. I'm a PC/Android guy. I did call Line6 and actually spoke to a human being who told me the android app was very likely on the way. Based on that response, I almost went for it hoping for the best. So far, still not a peep on this. While I can appreciate that Line6 has the right to make their own decisions on their products vs. market, it sure would be nice of them to at least give an official response on this: Will it be developed or not? I don't even need a date; just an offical communication on intent here rather than rampant conjecture on forums. Making what I think is a fairly large base of its customers guess on this and hope for the best is a bit unfair. I have been a customer of Line6 for many years; it was an essential part of my PC playing/recording rig in my home studio. They screwed me when they took away GuitarPort, which is the primary reason I went with Line6 gear: the ability to call up tones by artist or song is phenominal. It also provided backing tracks. Now, my UX100 is just another dust gathering stomp box. I then bought their looper, which has backing tracks, but not tone matching. The only way to get these tone-matching features now is sonic port or amplify; both only iOS-based products. So yes, I do feel like I have been screwed by Line6 and I think these reasons justfiy that feeling. I invested in Line6 and they have slammed the door in my face. I was going to reconsider Amplify for Christmas, but not if there is still silence on the PC/Android availablity. In the words of The Who: I won't be fooled again. Somebody else will come along and fill this niche if Line6 doesn't; I'll be first in line.
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