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  1. Sorry to post a lamer question, but I am just starting to learn to play guitar at age 65 lol! I have bought the gear I want to get best sounds, so have JTV Variax 89, Pod HD500x, and Amplifi 75. I am finding it hard to find info. I bought the Amplifi 75 as I was tempted by ability to download tones. I am struggling with the Pod 500x though, and wonder is there any way to save the downloaded Amplifi tones to the hd500x ? I know I am probably going too fast and should really be focussing on just playing the guitar, but unless I like the sounds, I get bored playing. I am thinking of selling the Amplifi to get a Stagesource L2M, don't really need L2T as I have the Pod - this would give me "the dream rig" which may be awesome. Before I do this though, I just wonder is it possible somehow to save downloaded Amplifi tones to the POD HD 500x. I may be a dumbo at the moment, but give me credit for getting the best gear even though am just a beginner! I know what I like. Cheers, Pete
  2. Hi Christian, I have just started learning guitar at the age of 64 :-) I have bought what I think is the best gear, and have a JTV 89 and just got an Amplifi 75. Haven't used the Amplifi much yet, but the built-in guitar sounds in the JTV seem to be overriden by the Amplifi built-in tones. Do you know what I need to do to get the JTV guitar sounds with the Amplifi 75? Cheers, Pete
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