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  1. I found this article that explains how to get audio to a streaming app from a DAW. Problem Solved with the Voxengo Recorder! https://www.aeseaes.com/stream-production/streaming-with-a-daw/
  2. I tried using the setup on a different site - bandlab. I got the same results; reverb in headphones but not in recording. It seems bandlab has added their own reverb effects, likely because there are no virtual-modeled plugins that work.
  3. I have ASIO4ALL installed and it may work if I knew where the wet output of PF went? I also have a virtual VB-Cable software that lets me connect two internal devices.
  4. I think the BandHug community may still be too small to get this sort of feedback. That's always the issue - do I ask Line 6, Steinberg or BandHug about this?
  5. What I am surprised by is that standalone PF claims to work with many non-Line 6 interfaces - and while it does acquire the signal from a non-Line 6 ASIO interface, it does not send to any interface it seems. I don't know under what circumstances a standalone PF would work for outputting a wet signal?
  6. No, the site uses windows to offer up available hardware interfaces via WSAPI I think. None of which carry the wet signal.
  7. Yes the trial includes the plugins which I have also installed in Reaper as well. However I am not using Reaper for this recording application (BandHug.com) In PF I have options to select Steinberg UR22 & PodXT which works for selecting the dry signal input only but not the output of PF to include the wet signal.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion Triryche - I did try that before (connecting my L out to the opposite input), but then I get unwanted audio in my microphone mix (WASAPI), such as backing track, etc. In some cases that will work for me but often I just want the isolated instrument + effects that would be provided from an ASIO channel for example. So in your opinion, the output of Pod Farm is just sent to the stereo mix internally and the L/R outs physically?
  9. I'm actually running a trial of PF right now - but it is working, I just can't figure out where the output goes? I am recording on a website called bandhug.com
  10. Condenser mic XLR (phantom pwr) > UR22 input #1 > USB to Windows > Pod Farm
  11. Thanks for the replies. VST plugins won't work because I am not using a DAW. In Reaper or other DAW software, I have no issue controlling routing path. My application is a web-based recording site (bandhug.com). When I try to record, even though I am hearing a wet track - bandhug records a dry track. I do already have my input and output audio set to the UR22 - but it doesn't pickup in any non-ASIO recording app. Does that make any sense?
  12. I am running Pod Farm to provide reverb for a mic connected to my Steinberg UR22 interface. Pod Farm has the Steinberg selected in hardware. I can hear the reverb effect through my UR22, but I cannot record it on any Windows 10 output. Where does the output of Pod Farm get routed to - Stereo Mix maybe? Can Pod Farm be used to act as an external "chain" effect for other recording apps? Can I use a virtual cable utility to route the wet sound to another app?
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