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  1. ill try amp to line, ive tried dialing my own patches i went to a mates place today he has a mesa standard cab and the tone was actually not bad, im starting to think its my mesa 4x12 slant that giving it that echoey tinny sound
  2. hey guys i recently got a pod hd pro and a matrix gt1000fx power amp i have downloaded and tried many patches that sound good online yet when i dial them in on the pod they sound awful, either way too much fizz, or espically on the Angel f ball model they sound tinny and empty, this worsens if you selected and of the PRE models. i have tried turning off cab simulation, seems to make it worse maybe ive connected something wrong? the setup is connected 1/4jack unblanced left mono into the matrix power amp then into the mesa cab input 1 set to guitar input 2 set to variax and output set to stack pwr also everything is set to line not stomp have i connected something wrong?
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