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  1. Yup... it's a tough sell for most players Yes. For sure modelling amps are here to stay. But modelling guitars... Guitar players are reluctant. Most of us can't assume playing and instrument that sounds different than what is expected from what we see and touch.
  2. Thanks for clarifying. Believe me, irony is not for me, specially written and English is not my mother tongue. You both are perfectly right. That's why I really appreciate the magnetic pickups. Let's hope that the spares suply last long.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. So do I. But when Yamaha bought Line6, I thought that Variax would be pushed up, and things seems to be stuck since the Standard Variax was launched. No new designs, no software upgrades... Probably no news=good news. I don't know Are you being ironic? I don't get it when it's written. If it's true, is it public data? Please, don't get me wrong. That's an example of things that could be improved. Probably it's the most evident because there is a demand for lefties Variaxes. I thought that Yamaha has the economic power to make lefties... all in all Variax Standards are just Pacificas with the Variax Magic attached. But that just an example of the many demands that are being ignored in IdeaScale. To name a few of the most popular: - Lefties - Midi control (there are reversing engineering projects out there and people are doing it on their own) - Nylon strings sounds (they were available in the old acoustic Variaxes, but not in the JTV or Standard) The only novelty in the Variax production has been the Shuriken, that seems to me like a step back from the JTVs, since it has only one magnetic pick-up. All these thoughts make me feel a little scared about the Variax future. I love my JTV, but I would really like to feel that it's not obsolete within ten or twenty years. Al least five, with mine :-D
  4. Just curiosity. You know... every now and then it appears a thread in this forum about the Variax production extintion. The fact is that it seems that Yamaha/Line6 don't take a lot of care about the product (where are the lefties?, for example). Is Variax a success for Line6? How many of us are there playing a Variax? Anybody knows?
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