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  1. so does anybody have a solution for our problem? i already checked every connection on that amp. @puterg33k yes my mercury channel sounds like you have the treble on the guitar all the way down - so no highs are comming through.
  2. hi rowbi thanks for your suggestions but the problem still exists. i`ve put a new preamp tube to V1, v2 v3 and v4 and the problem still exsits. The amp was also 2 times at the german repair center for bogner/line6 products but they cant find anything.
  3. sorry but i cant found a bogner section in this forum but i know that line6 does the support for the bogner alchemist amp So here is my problem the 2nd channel(gold) sounds very bassy and muddy - doesnt matter what EQ settings i suppose. also the bright switch on that channel isnt working like it was before. you cant hear a difference with or without the bright setting. any ideas? what can I do? i already shipped the amp to the dealer(thomann - Germany) and they shipped it to the repair center. But they cant find a problem
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